Keith Urban Releases 'Out the Cage' Video With Breland and Nile Rodgers

Keith Urban is back with new music, releasing the clip for his latest single, 'Out the Cage,' [...]

Keith Urban is back with new music, releasing the clip for his latest single, "Out the Cage," which features rising country singer Breland and legendary guitarist Nile Rodgers. The video features joint scenes of Urban and Breland on a blank-walled set that fills with smoke as Urban plays the guitar and banjo.

Those scenes were filmed in Sydney, Australia, where they had to quarantine for two weeks prior to shooting due to COVID-19 guidelines, The Boot shares. Footage of Rodgers playing his guitar is overlaid with that of his two collaborators, having filmed separately in Connecticut. The resulting clip is energetic and striking, much like the song. "Every time I / Feel like I just can't take it no more / I get angry / That's when I start runnin,'" the chorus states. "In my mind's eye / Lies the key that'll open the door / You can't break me / There's a new day comin'."

"The freneticism of the rhythm makes me wanna take off and start running or ... just break something," Urban said in a statement, via PEOPLE.

Recalling the moment Urban invited him to collaborate on the track, Rodgers shared, "I get a phone call from Keith and he's my bro, so of course I jumped on the call. He says, 'Hey Nile, I got this song that I'm working on, can I send it to you?' I listened for about five minutes." Urban shared that Rodgers "called me 10 minutes later and said, 'Yo brother, this song is sick.'"

"Out the Cage" appears on Urban's September album The Speed of Now Part 1 and is the project's opening track. "It's the craziest call you can receive," Breland previously told of being asked to appear on "Out the Cage." "Keith was one of the first country-ish artists that I started listening to when I was doing that deep dive in high school."

The country trap singer praised Urban for the way he has been able to develop a signature sound over the years, something Breland hopes to emulate. "I feel like he's always played on the periphery of genre and always pushed for his own unique sound," Breland said. "You know a Keith Urban song just by the fact, by the way he plays his guitar, by the tone of his voice, it's not like it has to be super country or super rock or super pop or anything, he's just Keith. And I definitely strive for my music to eventually be able to take on that type of independence as well."