Kane Brown Shares Photos from Daughter Kingsley's Baptism

Kane Brown's 1-year-old daughter, Kingsley, was baptized over the weekend, and the proud dad shared a photo from the occasion with fans on Instagram. On Sunday, Brown posted a shot of himself, his wife Katelyn and Kingsley in church, Katelyn holding Kingsley as Brown rested his head on his daughter's back.

The 27-year-old doubled the snap as a Mother's Day post for Katelyn, writing, "We love you so much mama happy Mother's Day." Katelyn shared a number of additional photos from the baptism on her own page, beginning with a family photo of the group with a priest, though all three adults were outshone by Kingsley, who was wearing a white dress, white bow and white shoes and scrunching her nose at the camera. "Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mamas !!!! I couldn't have had a better weekend celebrating the baptism of Kingsley was so special," Katelyn captioned her slideshow. "So grateful for my family."

Brown told PEOPLE in March that Kingsley "has completely changed our lives for the better." "I know when I get home and I'm exhausted, just holding her makes my day completely better," he continued, sharing what he's learned since becoming a dad. "I have learned to be patient, and I've also learned that there's true love. And if anybody ever got between me and my daughter, I don't know what would go on," he said. "She's super chill. Kind of like me, just laid back, and if she gets mad, she's super easy to cheer up real quick."

As displayed in her mom's baptism photos, Kingsley is already a pro at expressing herself. "Even with her facial expressions, everybody that sees her says she has so many facial expressions for a baby," Brown shared. "She'll tell the dog to 'shush' if it's barking. Just wild! I don't want her to grow too fast, but I can't wait for when she actually starts talking just to see what she says."


The "Worship You" singer also praised his wife for always being there whenever his job calls. "Kate's been a great mom and a huge backbone for me if I have to go to the studio or if I go to a writing session," he said. "There's never anything that she can't handle. She never hits me up and says, 'Hey you have to leave your write early because I have to do this.' She's just there, so she's awesome."