Josh Turner Postpones Remaining September Tour Dates Following Fatal Bus Crash

Josh Turner is postponing the remainder of his September tour dates, after one of his buses was involved in a fatal bus crash, leaving one dead and seven wounded. The accident occurred when the bus, carrying several of Turner's crew members, veered off the road in Shandon, California, following a concert on Wednesday night, Sept. 18.

"Josh Turner and his road family have suffered a devastating loss," Turner's record label, Universal Music Group, said in statement. "Please keep the crew, band and Josh in your thoughts and prayers. "All remaining shows in September will be rescheduled for a later date."

The California Highway Patrol claimed via WTVF in Nashville, that the bus veered off the road and traveled through 20 yards of vegetation before landing in a riverbed. The bus reportedly went off an 80-foot cliff before hitting the sand. Two of the passengers were ejected from the bus, with one of those the sole fatality in the crash. The driver was flown to Cottage Hospital with severe injuries.

The San Luis Obispo County Fire Department confirmed the tragedy with a series of tweets keeping people updated, with the final one saying, "Confirmed Tour Bus of the Josh Turner Road Crew was involved in this accident," they tweeted. "Mr. Josh Turner and band were in different buses and not injured. #CHP and #Firefighters will be at scene several hours for investigation and clean up."

The South Carolina native will likely rely on his strong faith to help him overcome the devastation, much as he has through much of his life.

"I had every reason to quit and pack up and move back home, but I kept going back to that moment when God spoke to me and said, 'If you want this, I'll give it to you as long as you trust me,'" Turner told The Tennessean. "Had I quit and moved back home, I would have forfeited all the blessings that came after that. I'm sitting here almost 20 years later, and I've lived my dream."

Turner has yet to publicly comment on the accident. His first scheduled show next month is on October 4 in Fort Bliss, Texas. Updates will be posted on Turner's website as available.


Photo Credit: Getty images / Rick Kern