Josh Turner Announces New Album, 'I Serve a Savior'

Josh Turner is returning with new music! The singer's upcoming, faith-based album, I Serve a Savior, will be released on Friday, Oct. 26.

"Doing a gospel record has always been on my list of things to do," Turner says. "I grew up in a Christian home, so I grew up reading the Bible. I've just had a lot of spiritual experiences in my life, and spiritual mentors in my life that kind of defined me, and the path that I'm on."

I Serve a Savior includes appearances by his wife, Jennifer, and his four sons, with one of his children even co-writing a song on the album.

"It means the world to me to have my family included on this project," Turner notes. "There's a song on this record called 'The River (of Happiness),' which Jennifer wrote with our oldest son, Hampton, and all the boys are singing. Jennifer's singing and playing the piano. We just kind of made it a family affair."

Some of Turner's favorite hymns are featured on I Serve a Savior, including "How Great Thou Art" and "Great is Thy Faithfulness," along with a few original songs, and new, live versions of his previous hits, "Long Black Train" and "Me and God."

"The songs that make up this record are all songs that really mean something to me," Turner explains. "We live in an age where there's not a lot of hope in entertainment. I know from experience that the message in the songs from this record are messages of true hope, and it's hope that you can actually cling to and count on."

Turner's last project, Deep South, was released last year, and included the No. 1 single "Hometown Girl." The 40-year-old says no one is likely more surprised than he is that his next set of tunes is faith-based, but he's immensely grateful for the opportunity.

"Working on this project has definitely been a God-ordained blessing," says Turner. "I never would have thought I'd be doing this record this year, but God opened a door and I walked through it," shared Turner. "I've seen many seemingly impossible things take place during the making of this record and I've felt God's anointing over it."

(Photo: Courtesy of MCA Nashville)

While Turner may not understand the timing, he is thankful for the opportunity to share this part of himself with his fans.

"I feel like nothing happens by accident," he says. "I don't believe in coincidences. I feel like this record is happening for a reason, and the time is just right for me to do this.

"My faith is the most important thing to me," he continues. "I want people to hear the sentiment and heart behind this record. I want them to feel the same inspiration that I felt. I want them to feel that and hopefully they'll make these songs a part of their life."

In addition to the record, Turner will also release a live DVD of him singing the songs, along with a video of gospel music legend Bill Gaither. The live version will also air as a TV special this fall.

See a complete track listing for I Serve a Savior below. Pre-order of the project is available here.


I Serve A Savior Track Listing:
1. I Saw The Light (Featuring Sonya Isaacs)
2. I Pray My Way Out Of Trouble (Featuring Bobby Osborne)
3. Great Is Your Faithfulness
4. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
5. Without Him
6. I Serve A Savior
7. How Great Thou Art (Featuring Sonya Isaacs)
8. The River (of Happiness) Featuring the Turner family (Live From Gaither Studios)
9. Amazing Grace
10. Long Black Train (Live From Gaither Studios)
11. Doxology
12. Me And God (Live From Gaither Studios)

Photo Credit: Getty images/Stephen J. Cohen