Jordan Davis Calls 'Detours' Music Video 'Almost Like a Wedding Video'

Jordan Davis released the music video for his latest single, "Detours," on April 10, and the nostalgic clip follows Davis all the way from childhood to fatherhood. "Detours" is about the winding road to get to your other half, and for Davis, that's his wife, Kristen. The video includes throwback photos of the couple as well as scenes from their engagement, wedding and the arrival of their first child, and the singer told PEOPLE that the clip is "almost like a wedding video."

Davis began writing "Detours" with Dave Turnbull in 2016 and finished the song with the help of his brother, singer/songwriter Jacob Davis. "What better person to help pull me along on that than my brother, who's my best friend and who was with me through the years of the stupidity and all that stuff?" Davis pointed out. The track describes the Louisiana native's "renegade" high school and college years before he met Kristen in 2014 at a hotel in New Orleans — she had traveled there to be in a friend's wedding and Davis had come from Nashville to be in a different wedding.

"If I was going to keep doing things that I was doing and I was serious about this [relationship], it probably wasn't going to last long," Davis recalled. "I knew for a fact she wasn't going to just pack up and move to Nashville, and so it was a quick kind of wakeup call." The couple became engaged in 2016 and married in March 2017. "It's definitely not the easiest thing in the world, especially when you're a touring musician," Davis said of marriage, though he shared that their parents' divorces put things in a different perspective. "It's another thing that drives us to really get problems solved quick."

All of that made its way into "Detours," as well as the arrival of Davis and Kristen's daughter, Eloise Larkin, in November. Davis shared that watching the clip made the proud parents tear up. "It's something that we can go back and look at and see how much we've grown, and hopefully, it's something that Eloise will be proud of," he said.


While fans might have been shocked to see photos of the famously bearded singer sans facial hair, for Davis, the moment that stands out to him is a clip Kristen filmed of him assembling his baby girl's crib. "To be honest, that was really the first time Kristen and I were like, wow, this is real," he shared. "Here's my wife walking around with a belly and a baby, and we're probably weeks out, and we're excited, but then it's still not super-real. But the second we started putting the crib together, I was kind like, 'Oh my gosh! This is where the baby's going to sleep. Like, in the house! It was pretty eye-opening."