John Mayer Releases New Single With 'Dynamite' Maren Morris

John Mayer has released a brand new single which features guest vocals from "dynamite" country music star Maren Morris. The song is titled "Last Train Home," and it is the first single off of Mayer's forthcoming eighth studio album, Sob Rock. Right from the beginning, the 80s-inspired tune proves it's destined to be a summer hit. It opens with a very retro drum beat, and then the keys kick in, giving the listener an infectious head bop, because there is absolutely nothing that a Casio-sound can't make fun.

"Last Train Home" feels, very much, like a long-lost Phil Collins tune that Tom Petty helped write. It also gives off big Toto vibes, circa the band's "Africa" era. In the highly sing-along-able first verse, Mayer croons, "I'm not a fallen angel. I just fell behind. I'm out of luck and I'm out of time. If you don't wanna love me, let me go. I'm runnin' for the last train... I'm runnin' for the last train home." The song also features a classic Mayer guitar solo, which fits into the song like the whole thing was written around it. Morris eventually comes in at the end, singing with Mayer, "I'm on the last train runnin'... and I surrender."

Morris shared a clip of the video on Twitter and noted that this was a "video girl dream fulfilled" for her. She also thanked Mayer for inviting her to sing on "Last Train Home." At the end of her tweet, Morris encouraged all her fans and followers to "go dance" while they check out the new song.

It's been 4 years since Mayer put an album, his last was 2017's The Search for Everything, and fans have been desperately wanting a new one. The first taste of it has listeners very excited, and many are taking to social media to shout its praises. "THIS. SONG. IS. EVERYTHING," one fan tweeted about "Last Train Home." They added, "It's meant to be played on repeat all night long. What a f—in' bop this is. The more you listen, the better it gets. Can't wait for the album."


One other excited fan shared how much they loved hearing Morris sing on the track. "Finally new music, thank you! Star-struck I've been waiting so long. Love the 80s vibes and that Maren sings on the song. Good combo," they wrote. "Hopefully, you will release a new album soon." Fans will get more of Mayer's new tunes when Sob Rock releases on July 16.