Jessie James Decker Reveals Whether She and Husband Eric Want More Kids

Jessie James Decker and husband Eric Decker share three kids, but the duo isn't yet sure whether they'll eventually add to their family.

"We've had this conversation. I don't think we know," Jessie told "I don't think we have a final answer on that yet. We're still enjoying the baby we just had. But it is kind of in that time where if we did want another we'd have to start talking about it, so we definitely are open to it but we're not ready."

Jessie and Eric are parents to daughter Vivianne, 5, and sons Eric Jr., 3, and Forrest, who is about to turn one. With three kids to take care of, sharing parenting responsibilities is a necessity.

"We are a team," Jessie explained. "We're in this together and it's kind of just through unspoken words in a way where we just kind of know what to do. I cook the dinner, he cleans. I'll stay up with the kids and then he's the one that gets them early. It's such a partnership."

Eric retired from the NFL in August 2018, leaving him free to full-time co-parent with his wife.

"He's amazing," Jessie gushed about her husband. "I knew even before we had children what an amazing father he was gonna be and he's just an incredible husband, incredible father. He inspires me as a parent every day and I'm constantly impressed by how incredible he is. He's a great man and I'm so grateful for him."

The couple recently took a trip to Cabo San Lucas sans kids, and Jessie noted that time alone is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

"It was so much fun. It was much needed," she said. "We hadn't taken a trip in so long like that. It was just great. We could wake up, have coffee and just not have to worry — we could just focus on each other."

Forrest will celebrate his first birthday on March 31, with his family planning to let the toddler know how special he is.

"He's the most incredible little boy and I just look at him everyday and I'm like, 'I'm so glad we have you,'" Jessie said, sharing that her son's party will likely see him "smash his hands and face with the little cake that I got him."


"It just feels like the perfect addition," she added of Forrest. "He just slipped right in. It was a pretty unique transition. When you have two or three it's obviously a little hard, but we loved it. We have such a great flow and he just fits right in. All three of them get along so beautifully. There's never any issues or anyone fighting — they all just love each other. I hope it stays that way."

Photo Credit: Getty / Terry Wyatt