Jason Aldean on Kane Brown's New Daughter, Kingsley: 'She's Beautiful'

It was Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, who encouraged Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, to become parents. The Browns welcomed their first daughter, Kingsley Rose, into the world in October, with Aldean already gushing over the baby girl.

"I actually went to Kane's house last week, and got to see her for the first time," Aldean told Taste of Country. "She's beautiful. He's so over the top with her, first-time dad. He and his wife are both really excited. It's great. I knew Kane before she came along, and to watch Kane get married, be at the wedding, see all that and start a family, it's really cool."

Aldean is the father of four, including Keeley and Kendyl from his first marriage, and Memphis and Navy with Brittany. But even with all of his experience, his best advice to new parents like Brown is that there isn't a lot of advice to give. "I think the best advice you can give a parent is you just gotta figure it out," he said. "Just figure it out. Every kid is different. Everybody parents different. It's just something that, for whatever reason, I think instincts kind of kick in, and you figure it out. You may do it different than me, but she's going to get used to the way you do it, and that's going to be what it is."

When the Aldeans welcomed Memphis into the world, the country singer needed a crash course into how to deal with infants, which he admits is sometimes just day-to-day survival.

"It was Brit's first child," Aldean recalled. "It was the first time for me having a baby in the house in ten years, so I was just like, 'Is he breathing today? Cool. We got through another day.' It's one day at a time. And then you turn around and he's 2, Navy's almost ten months. It's like, we're at the finish line."

Aldean and Brown toured together this year, on Aldean's Ride All Night Tour, and Aldean is currently living in Brown's former home, but he hints there might be more collaborations for them to do together in the future.


"I would love to work with Kane," Aldean said. "He's one of my really good friends. With stuff like that, it's never something that I plan out ahead of time. It's always, if the right song comes along, and I go, 'Man, I think Kane would sound great on that,' that's kind of how that happens with me, mores o than, 'I want to work with Kane, let's go find a song.' It's like, 'Well I got the song; I think Kane would sound great on it. I'm open to it. I think he would be too. If we could find the right thing, I think he would be all about it."

Photo Credit: Getty / Brent N. Clarke