Jana Kramer Explains Why She Didn't Take the 'Easy Route out' After Husband Mike Caussin's Cheating

In 2016, Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin separated after Caussin admitted to infidelity, later reconciling after spending time apart.

On a recent episode of PEOPLE Now, Kramer opened up about why she made the decision to stay with her husband, revealing that nearly everyone around her had the opposite opinion.

"Every single one of my friends besides one was like, 'Leave,'" she recalled. "That’s the first thing. It’s so easy to be like, 'If he cheats on me, I’m gonna leave.'"

Ultimately, Kramer and Caussin worked things out, and the singer shared that she would do it all over the same way.

“It’s so much harder when you have kids,” she said. “For me to be like, ‘Hey look, you can have this awful thing happen in your marriage, but you can be stronger at the end of it.’ I wouldn’t change a thing. Back in the day, I was like, ‘I wish he didn’t do this.’ Now, I’m like, ‘Hey, we’re so much stronger and we’ve been able to help people to give it a try. Don’t just leave. Because that’s the easy route out.'”

“There’s gonna be issues, so it’s like, try to fight for your marriage if two people are willing to work,” Kramer added.

During a recent episode of Kramer's podcast, Whine Down With Jana Kramer, Caussin said that he is a sex addict, revealing that he has received treatment and will soon be one year sober.

"Jana kind of gave me an ultimatum when everything came out, and she discovered everything, and she looked at me and said, 'You need to go somewhere. Basically, you need to figure out what's going on and what this is, or I'm gone, period,'" he said before sharing that he "sought treatment for sex addiction in an inpatient treatment facility."

Caussin told PEOPLE Now that after he shared his story, many of the podcast's listeners opened up in a similar way.

“Just through social media and Jana’s direct messages and emails that we get...we’re really impressed with the fans being willing to open up themselves and be vulnerable and express to us their stories and how much ours is helping them,” he shared. “We’re kind of in that battle right now to move the needle where it’s not just an excuse, it’s an actual addiction.”

Kramer and Caussin married in 2015, welcoming daughter Jolie in January 2016. In November 2018, Kramer gave birth to the couple's son, Jace.

“I think if we didn’t have the therapy that we had, we might’ve been divorced,” Kramer said of parenting two kids. “I was like, ‘Wow.’ Luckily, we had the communication skills to be able to talk to each other, because if not, it was like...you’re just in the trenches with two.”


“It makes one seem so easy!” her husband added. “We have friends that complain when they have one kid, and we’re like, ‘Ha, you don’t know anything yet.'”

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz