Jana Kramer Reveals Why She Waited to Decorate Son Jace's Nursery

Jana Kramer and her husband, Mike Caussin, just relocated from Los Angeles, where they moved to in the wake of Caussin's infidelity, back to Nashville, moving into a five-bedroom house they built and decorated themselves. It was while they were in California that Kramer gave birth to Jace last November, but Kramer waited until they were in Music City before giving him a fully-decorated nursery.

“I felt so bad for Jace,” Kramer confessed to PEOPLE. “When [3-year-old daughter Jolie Rae] was born, I decked out her nursery. It was so beautiful.”

“And when he was born, we were just renting the L.A. house," she continued. "And I was like, ‘Well, I’m not going to really put a lot of money into this room because we’re leaving. That’s why I wanted to just make his room in Nashville the most beautiful thing ever.”

Kramer appears to have succeeded. The former One Tree Hill star decked out Jace's new bedroom in navy and gray, and is proud of the finished product.

“[It's] nothing compared to the room that he has now,” Kramer said of his former room in their rental. “The nursery is one of my favorite rooms in the house.”

Kramer and Caussin had several reasons for moving back to Nashville, including being able to afford a home that they wanted. The result is that the couple got to make their new house personal to them, in every way.

“This was a house that we picked out everything [in]," Kramer said. "We picked the furnishings and the furniture, we picked all of it. So to us, it makes it feel like that’s our space. It truly is a dream house for us.”

Kramer's last single, "Beautiful Lies," was released earlier this year. She also has her Whine Down with Jana Kramer podcast, and is reportedly filming a Christmas movie for Lifetime, but cherishes her role as a mother most of all.

“Being a mom has changed me in so many ways. I had zero patience before kids,” she previously stated. “I love singing, I love acting, I love doing my podcast and creating things, but being a mom is what truly fulfills me.”

Kramer and Caussin are happy to be back in Nashville, now that their marriage is in a healthier place.


“We moved to L.A. a couple years ago from Nashville because there were so many triggers in Nashville,” Kramer explained. “We were like, all right, we just need to move away from this place and just kind of recharge, see where things are heading and then we’ll kind of go from there."

Photo Credit: Getty / Robyn Beck