Jake Owen on Singing with Kid Rock: 'He's the Ultimate Rock Star'

Jake Owen's latest Greeting From...Jake album was released on Friday, March 29. The record [...]

Jake Owen's latest Greeting From...Jake album was released on Friday, March 29. The record includes a collaboration with Kid Rock, on the song, "Grass Is Always Greener," which Owen said is the highlight of the record.

"I had the opportunity of doing a song on this record with Kid Rock, who is the ultimate rock star, and when he came to the studio, he amped it up to a whole other level," Owen told CMT's Cody Alan. "I expected him, being the rock star, to come in and just do his thing or whatever, but he was firing all of us up. He was saying like, 'Let's go. You know, this is a big deal. Like, we're not just making music here, we're making history.'

"So, thanks, Kid, for adding a spark to this album," Owen continued. "You definitely brought a light to it that is forever grateful for, and the song, 'The Grass Is Always Greener,' is probably my second, if not my favorite song on the album."

One of Owen's other favorite songs is "In It," written by Josh Thompson, Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins.

"I love a classic beautiful country song that's simple and well written; 'If you got memories, I just hope that I'm a piece of 'em,' and that's what this song is about," Owen explained. "And it's laced with steel guitar, which I'm a huge fan of steel guitar. I just feel like it's a great country song. So I would say 'In It' is probably my favorite song on this record."

Owen will soon trade a spot behind a microphone for one in front of the camera. The singer is making his acting debut in an upcoming new movie, The Friend, starring Casey Affleck and Dakota Johnson.

"I've done some smaller acting parts in some of these movie videos, but they shoot those in a day," Owen explained on the All Our Favorite People podcast. "This stuff, you really feel kind of like, 'All right, am I in someone's way here? Because there's so many people doing so many things on a major motion picture and they don't care. I don't mean this negatively towards them, but they don't know nor really care ... They're not like, 'Give that guy a little credit, he's never done this before.' They expect everyone to know what they're doing, right?

"And thankfully the director has been so sweet to me, and all the actor and actresses have really been helpful to me," he added. "So I've felt really comfortable."

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Kevin Winter