Eric Church Shares Studio Video for 'Stick That in Your Country Song'

Eric Church released his hard-hitting "Stick That in Your Country Song" late last month, following the release with a studio video for the song on Wednesday. The clip gives fans a glimpse at the song's creation and features Church and his band recording the relevant track. Church is accompanied on vocals by his longtime backup singer Joanna Cotton, while several other musicians lay down guitar parts, piano and more.

"Stick That in Your Country Song" was written by Davis Naish and Jeffrey Steele back in 2015, though Church didn't get his hands on it until recently. "The greatest thing about 'Stick That In Your Country Song' is it really became almost a harbinger of things that were to come," Church said in a statement, via iHeartRadio.The driving track is a rallying cry to artists to not shy away from touching on topics like the struggles in American cities like Detroit and Baltimore, veterans returning from war and underpaid teachers.

"We were in the mountains of North Carolina, this is January, this is before COVID, this is before social, racial unrest, riots, protests, and as real as the song was to me then, it became a hundred times more real as time continued to evolve," Church shared. "That's rare. I've only had that happen, maybe a time or two. And, it just felt like I was meant to cut the song and to sing the song, and that's the reason it's the first single. It felt like it was the right song for the right moment in time. And, I'm proud of the job we did on it."

In a press release, Church added that his favorite thing about country music is "how it has never been afraid of real life." "For as long as I can remember, it has been the musical compass of reality in the world," he said, via The Country Daily. "Our music needs more of that. Real people, real lives, real places. That's what this song is. It's about people from the front line to the food line. And it also happens to kick like a f—ing mule."


During their time in North Carolina, Church and his crew wrote and recorded a song every day. "I don't know if this is an album, if it's two albums, if it's three," he told the Associated Press. "I feel confident enough with the material that people will get to hear all of these songs at some point."