Eric Church Shares Studio Video of New Song 'Bad Mother Trucker'

Eric Church released his song "Bad Mother Trucker" on July 31, and the singer followed with a studio video last week of himself and his band, including his longtime backup singer Joanna Cotten, recording the track. Written by Church, Casey Beathard, Luke Dick and Jeremy Spillman and produced by Jay Joyce, "Bad Mother Trucker" is told from the perspective of a narrator whose mom was a truck driver and steered "an '81 Peterbilt 18-wheeler / Jet black with pink mud flaps."

"She is hell on wheels where the road meets the rubber / A real gear jammer, a white line wonder," Church sings in the chorus. "Yeah, you only get one and I wouldn't want another / 'Cause mama was a bad mother trucker." The studio video is similar to one Church recently shared for his last drop, the fiery new single "Stick That in Your Country Song." Both songs are the first official releases from Church since his 2018 album, Desperate Man, and will likely be included on the 43-year-old's upcoming album.

Judging by the heavy winter coats the group is wearing in the studio clips, they were likely filmed at Church's writing retreat he held in the mountains of North Carolina early this year before the coronavirus pandemic, where he and his band wrote and recorded a song a day, ending up with 28 tracks.

"The main fact about my new album was we wrote and recorded 28 songs in 28 days," Church told iHeartRadio. "We secluded ourselves in the mountains of North Carolina, and I would get up in the morning and write a song, and we would record the song that night. And the thinking was, we would remove all the barriers of what people think, or a publisher thinks, or a label thinks. It was really letting creativity be creativity. And, some of my favorite records from the 70s and 80s were done that way. So we tried to go back and let creativity reign, and it is unequivocally my favorite music we've done."

"I don’t know if this is an album, if it’s two albums, if it's three," he added to the Associated Press. "I feel confident enough with the material that people will get to hear all of these songs at some point."