Dustin Lynch Reveals Sentimental Reason Behind His Favorite Song to Perform Live

Although Dustin Lynch has a whopping seven No. 1 songs to his credit, there is one song that is his absolute favorite, for a sweet and sentimental reason. The Tennessee native reveals "Cowboys and Angels," his debut single, is the song he would choose to perform over and over again, thanks to the story behind the song.

"The reason being, I think I've written more favorite songs, but as far as performing goes, that song was inspired by my grandparents' love story," the 34-year-old told All Access. "So I get to share their story on stage each night and then play a song that ended up changing our lives and getting this crazy ride started for us. The connection I have with everyone in the room, whether we're in an arena or outside entity, or stadium, whatever it may be, is one that's palpable.

"You can feel it," he added. "Guys and girls really connecting and watching them sing and dance to my grandparents' song is an amazing feeling, and I don't think that'll ever change."

Lynch just released Tullahoma, with the first two singles, "Good Girl" and "Ridin' Roads" becoming chart-topping singles. But there's another song on the record that he is especially fond of, "Thinking 'Bout You," which he sings with Lauren Alaina.

"Lauren and I toured together at the end of 2018," Lynch explained. "It was Lauren, and myself and Cole Swindell. I asked Lauren to come out each night and sing one of my songs called 'Love Me Or Leave Me Alone' with me, and it was there that I realized we had great chemistry together. Our voices really meshed well together and it felt organic and natural when we were on stage singing, so I kind of had [in the] back of my mind that she would be a great ask if I ever came across the right song to do a true duet with. I wrote 'Thinking 'Bout You' with the inspiration of maybe making a duet moment out of it, and whenever we started writing the second verse, I kind of locked in on, 'Oh yeah, this is going to be one of those moments. Lauren could be the perfect fit for this.'

"I was just praying that she liked it," he continued. "That's what I was hoping for. We finished it, I demoed it up and sent it to her and she called me immediately after listening to it and said she would love to sing on it with me. Thankfully, she did. We actually had to fly to L.A. to record her vocals because she was taping Dancing With the Stars."

Lynch, like most other artists, has had to postpone his tour plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, his next scheduled concert is at Country Thunder in Arizona on April 16, which has not yet officially canceled due to coronavirus. Updates can be found on his website.


Photo Credit: Getty / Leah Puttkammer