Dixie Chicks Promise Their New Album Is Coming Soon

Good news for fans of the Dixie Chicks! The country trio has confirmed that a new album is coming...someday.

The news came from lead singer Natalie Maines' Instagram account, where Maines shared a video of herself, bandmates Emily Robison and Martie Maguire and producer Jack Antonoff all employing a baby-face filter to share the news.

"Dixie Chicks!" Maines exclaims before panning the camera to Robison and Maguire, who chime in, "Album! Coming!" before a deadpan Antonoff adds, "Someday."

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Maines captioned the video with the simple hashtag #dcx2019, which she's been using all year to update fans on the progress of the group's new music.

Fans were thrilled to hear that a new album is on the way, though less so about its timeline.

"I've literally asked for a new Dixie Chicks album for Christmas every year for 10 years," wrote one, while another joked, "SOME day or SUNday!?! Hurrrrrrry pleeeease!"

"I've never felt so much impatience over something," a third comment read.

Maines has recently been sharing numerous throwback photos of the group, with her most recent being a black-and-white shot from one of the Chicks' very first photo shoots in 1995.

"This is our second publicity shot after I joined the band. We're lying in a bed of yellow chick feathers for this B&W photo," she wrote. "I've got my Lubbock bangs so that's all that matters. I knew 100% that this was the beginning of the beginning. Just another example of me being right."

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She also jokingly posted a shot from the 2007 Grammys and joked that the trio had won so many trophies they couldn't even hold them all.

"When you win more than you can hold and drop some on your stylist's head," Maines captioned the moment. "Sorry @marjanmalakpour It was @martiemaguire 's fault!!! (What's wrong with me that I look like I'm hardly phased?) #shewasfine."

During that year's ceremony, the Dixie Chicks won five awards including Album of the Year and Country Album of the Year for their 2006 project, Taking the Long Way, as well as Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Country Performance By a Duo or Group With Vocal for the album's single "Not Ready to Make Nice."

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The Dixie Chicks became hugely successful beginning in the late '90s, earning numerous Grammy Awards and selling 30.5 million albums sold as of December 2015. In 2003, the group waded into controversy when Maines made a comment about then-President George W. Bush ahead of the Iraq War.


Since then, the trio has released one studio album, Taking the Long Way, as well as compilation albums and a live project.

Photo Credit: Getty / Christie Goodwin