'Dancing With the Stars': Lauren Alaina Reveals She Has Lost More Than 25 Pounds Since Appearing on Show

Lauren Alaina is experiencing an unexpected perk of appearing on Dancing With the Stars – weight loss! The American Idol alum reveals she has lost more than 25 pounds since making her debut on the reality TV talent show in September, thanks to all of her hard work competing.

“I’ve lost, like, 25 pounds since July,” Alaina admitted to Us Weekly. “None of my clothes fit.”.

Alaina has been pouring her heart and soul into all of her performances, but especially the one on Monday, Oct. 21, when she dedicated the dance to her late stepfather, Sam Ramker, on the one-year anniversary of his death. Alaina performed to a song she just dropped, "The Other Side," which she wrote after Ramker's death.

“There’s a moment when I ran to the side in the dance, and somehow my mother’s seat was literally where I had to run," Alaina recalled. "My job was to look at the camera and I did look at the camera, but as soon as I saw that little red light go away, I looked at my mom and that’s when I started crying. I was like, ‘Dang it!’ Mid-dance, I kind of started crying, but I’d stopped.”

Alaina was honored to pay tribute to Ramker, who was always proud of Alaina and all that she accomplished.

“My stepdad was the most positive, uplifting, happy person I’ve ever met, and if he had been here tonight, he would’ve been the most proud of me,” Alaina acknowledged. “I just kept thinking during the dance and before the dance, ‘I just wanna make him proud,’ and do this for my mom. Her worst nightmare happened on this day last year. So the fact that we’re even here and we got to do that dance is just a huge blessing. I feel really proud. Gleb came up with the best choreography. I was crying learning it every day.”

Alaina co-wrote "The Other Side" with Jon Nite and Zach Kale, after Ramker's last days in his cancer battle.

“I wrote ‘The Other Side’ in Sam’s memory," Alaina previously explained about the song. "I wanted to create a song that did him justice. He couldn’t hear me sing without crying because he was so proud of me... I wrote this song so that he can live on, and never be forgotten.”


Dancing With the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty / Emma Mcintyre