Country Singer Lily Rose Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

Country singer Lily Rose has plenty to celebrate right now. PEOPLE reported that the singer is engaged to her longtime girlfriend, Daira Eamon. While speaking with the publication, they shared details about the proposal, which took place in the Germantown neighborhood in Nashville.

The Germantown neighborhood is very special to Rose and Eamon, as that is where they shared their first apartment. Rose explained, "The first apartment we shared together was in Germantown. We would walk down 5th Ave to get to our favorite bar, Mother's Ruin, two to three times a week. We've had so many days and nights walking hand-in-hand together that I knew it was the most special spot to start our next chapter together!"

Rose managed to keep the whole proposal a secret from her partner, but she admitted that it was far from an easy feat. Once she was able to celebrate with Eamon, the two were able to enjoy the happy moment with their loved ones. All in all, everything ended up going swimmingly. 

"Keeping all of this under wraps was truly one of the hardest things I've ever done. I kept saying to myself, 'How am I supposed to keep the biggest plan I've ever made from my best friend and partner?' It was crazy to keep secret! Especially with our families and friends all coming into town," Rose continued. "I was excited to surprise her with the proposal and our families being here, but I was way more excited to tell Daira how much I love her. I felt so relieved about it being done, but I could relive that moment over and over again forever."

As for how Eamon reacted to the special moment, she couldn't have been more surprised. She said, "I truly had no idea it was coming and it turned into the most special moment because it was such a surprise." When it comes to what's next for the couple, they have some ideas. The two recently bought a house together and are busy making some other plans for their future. Rose and Eamon want to start a family together and noted that they're really looking forward to "truly just getting to hang out every day for the rest of our lives."