Country Music Singer Caught up in Nightmare Scenario at Movie Theater

Country music singer Kalie Shorr was recently caught up in a "nightmare" scenario at a movie theater in Nashville, Tennessee. On Saturday, Shorr took to Twitter to share that she was forced to hide and then hurridly exit a cinema due to what she thought at the time was gunfire. "Just had to evacuate at the 100 Oaks Regal in Nashville because of a shooting. I'm in total shock," she wrote in a tweet before details on the situation were clear. 

Shore continued, "Having to get on the ground and hide during a movie is something that happens a lot in my nightmares but this time it was for real." She later added that she'd learned the commotion may not have been a shooting after all, tweeting, "To update (and not spread misinformation), some people are saying that people set off fireworks inside. There were so many officers with big a— guns and people screaming everywhere. UGH. I hate this s—." 

Scoop: Nashville later confirmed the news that it was just fireworks being ignited, and not gunfire, that attendees at the Regal Hollywood theater (located in the Berry Hill area of Nashville) heard. "#FireWorks were set off tonight inside the 100 Oaks theater (yet again), causing mass panic," the outlet tweeted. "There are no weapons, just a group of teens causing a ruckus with the old Berry Hill Cops afraid to get out of their cars LOL."

The outlet also noted that first responders were having a tough time with crowd control, following the frightening situation. "'MASSIVE CROWD' at Theater / Berry Hill – MGMT reports they can't control the crowd of 'teens,'" they wrote in a tweet. "BHPD responded, asked for backup from VUPD and MNPD as they say they can't control the area, afraid to approach the kids..... 1 cop is laughing [at] BHPD says it's all horseplay."

"Officers on scene confirm no shots, just fireworks, approximately 80 individuals causing mayhem inside and now outside the theater at 100 Oaks," Scoop added. They later shared, "The theater is being completely evacuated at this time. [Metro Nashville PD] has entered the theater armed with long guns. " 


After getting the facility evacuated, the authorities still seemed to be dealing with large crowds. "10:02 PM – Officers report that juveniles have made their way back onto the theater property and attempting to restart their 'antics,'" Scoop noted. "They had been staged at the taco bell 'waiting for parents' previously but seems that was just a ruse. the theater itself is closed and locked." Scoop also revealed that, while there were no gunshot victims, there were still some injuries. "2 injuries, 1 requesting an ambulance, hurt in the 'stampede' of people leaving the theater," the outlet stated.