CMA Fest 2019: 'The Goldbergs' Star Hayley Orrantia Speaks out About Season 7 Renewal

A month after The Goldbergs was officially picked up for a seventh season, star Hayley Orrantia says she's hopeful the 1980s-set sitcom will see many more seasons to come.

"It's honestly crazy. I keep forgetting that we've done six seasons," Orrantia told during CMA Fest this weekend. "We just got renewed for season 7, staying on ABC Wednesday nights."

"It's really wild. It flew by, but I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to be working on the show as long as we have," she continued, adding that the show's spinoff, Schooled, was also renewed for another season.

"And we have a spinoff show, called Schooled, which is set in the '90s, that I was really happy to cameo on a little bit this last season. And they got picked up for season 2. So I'm really crossing my fingers that I can jump in on that some more," she said.

The 25-year-old actress and country music singer told that if The Goldbergs makes it all the way to 10 seasons, she'll make her love for the show permanent.

"I would love to [film many more seasons of The Goldbergs]. We did just get picked up for one season so far, but usually we'll find out at the end of this one if we get an eight. I hope we go 10 seasons," she said. "I actually made a joke with my cast mates that if we go 10 seasons, I'm getting a tattoo."

Orrantia, who said music will always be her "first love," said that she was thrilled when the show's creator, Adam F. Goldberg, sculpted her character, Erica, to be musically inclined.

"I was 19 when we started, and the role just said, 'older sister, she's sassy, she was a nerd when she was younger and got popular,' but [there was] nothing musical. I said to the creator, 'I would love to do music even if it was just, like, a song in the credits once.' But he was very nice and offered to do a scene where I sang on the show, and I guess they liked it, 'cause now my character's been doing music for six seasons."

"Music's always been a first love of mine, so when I get some downtime, I like to sneak away here [to Nashville] and write with my friends," she said of balancing her music and acting careers.

Coming up next for Orrantia is a single, which she said will be released "very soon," called "Nights and Weekends." She said she performed it at CMA Fest over the weekend and is "really excited" about it.

"It's upbeat, it's fun, it's not sad," she said, her last comment a nod to her latest release, an EP called The Way Out, which represented a recent relationship she said ended "traumatically" after she learned her ex had been stealing money from her and "lying about who he was."

"It was a very emotional thing. I'm glad I was able to kind of put it all into one, and that way I can kind of put it away and carry on with some hopefully happier, upbeat music coming out very soon," she said.


One thing is for sure: Music will always be at the core of Orrantia's career, no matter how many more seasons The Goldbergs sees.

"Music is my first love, and if I can just keep it going as the show's going then I will stay very happy," she said.