Carrie Underwood Wishes Miranda Lambert Happy Birthday With Major Throwback

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert’s friendship really gives new meaning to the term, “Friendship Goals.” Both country superstars are incredibly supportive of one another and even put their talents together for a duet, “Somethin' Bad” in 2014. Now, on Nov. 10, Underwood has showcased exactly how close they are with a lovely, throwback birthday tribute.

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Underwood posted a photo of herself and Lambert posing on the red carpet at the 2014 CMA Awards. She captioned the post with a kind message that reflected on all of the friends’ special moments together, as she wrote, “Happy birthday [Miranda Lambert]!!! Hope you and yours have the best day! Gonna raise my glass to you and all the good times we’ve shared over the years! Here’s to many more! [kissy face emoji]”

It’s fitting that Underwood’s birthday message contains a look back at the singers’ time at the CMA Awards since the ceremony, which will be hosted by the “Before He Cheats” crooner, falls on Nov. 13. Given that the event is fast approaching, Lambert has recently discussed her thoughts on the ceremony and who should win the night’s highest honor, CMA’s Entertainer of the Year Award. And it should come as no surprise to see that Lambert has thrown her support behind Underwood to take home the win.

According to Taste of Country, Lambert is rooting for Underwood to win the prestigious award, which has only been awarded to five women in the show’s history. Although, the “Tin Man” singer believes that her friend should win the award because of her accomplishments, not because of her gender.

"I was just sitting on my magic porch, I call it, and it's where I do reflecting or writing, or drinking wine or having fun," she told the publication. "It's got good juju. It had been bothering me a little bit. I just felt ... this emotion was welling up in me that was so supportive. Because we started at the same time. Both of our first records and songs came out in 2005. And so much has happened in that 15 years or whatever, and I just feel like with all that she does ... When you think about Entertainer of the Year, I've never won that, and she hasn't won it either. Only five women have ever won it.


"But it wasn't about being a woman,” Lambert went on to clarify. "I'm not waving that flag. It was about, if you think of what Entertainer of the Year encompasses for the year, and how you represented country music in the public eye. She's got a brand. She's a mom, and that's her own brand. She's a working mom. She does Monday Night Football, and she tours with all females. And she tours like rock and roll, like every other day. I'm weekend warrior over here. I'm like, 'I'll see you on Thursday and Saturday.' This girl's on the road with two babies, a husband. All of this going on."

You'll be able to see whether Underwood takes home the big prize when the CMA Awards airs on Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.