Carrie Underwood Explains the Importance of 'Love Wins'

Carrie Underwood's current single, "Love Wins," is an anthem of positivity aiming to unite listeners and encourage love and compassion, a message the singer is eager to share with her fans.

Underwood recently performed the song during the CMA Awards in Nashville and shared that while it's always nice to perform her music on television, the message of "Love Wins" is an especially important one for her to share.

"Every chance that you get to perform your song on live TV is, that's what you want," she told and other media backstage at the awards. "You want to pull people into what you're doing and your work and your artistry. You hope that they enjoy it."

The 35-year-old's performance during the show saw her take the stage in a blue figure-hugging gown with colorful, flowing sleeves, with colored lights flashing behind her and a choir joining the star on stage for a rousing finale.

"I believe you and me are sisters and brothers / And I, I believe we're made to be here for each other," Underwood sang. "And we'll never fall if we walk hand in hand / Put a world that seems broken together again."

Backstage, the Oklahoma native explained why the song's spirit resonates so strongly with her, citing her faith as the source of her message.

"This song to me, it's such a special song in a time that I think people need to be reminded to love one another," she said. "And as a Christian I'm like, 'We were told to love God and love each other. Love our neighbors as ourselves.' So I love this song, and I hope it resonates with people."

Underwood previously told Taste of Country and other media that "Love Wins" is about encouraging people to embrace their differences rather than shun others.

"I do think that we as humans are inherently good and we need to remember that. Because we're different, that doesn't make somebody else bad, it just makes us different," she said. "We wanted that song to be hopeful and to maybe make somebody stop and think about that."

"We weren't trying to speak negatively about our world, because we live in an amazing world, but I feel like we get really caught up in surface things and I feel like in this world, we're quick to get angry at each other," she continued. "I personally think that we're all different for a reason. I feel like if you just sit down and talk to somebody who's not like you and keep it calm, we can all learn from each other."


Photo Credit: Getty / Erika Goldring