Carly Pearce Reveals How Many Children She Wants to Have With Michael Ray

Country's hottest couple Carly Pearce and Michael Ray have only been married for a little over a month, but already the pair are dodging questions about whether or not they want children. When asked how Pearce felt about adding to their family, she not only knew her answer, but how many children she'd like to have with her new husband.

"Of course, I have to have kids," Pearce told PEOPLE., when asked about the size of family she would like. "He's too cute. Not big. I would say two. I would love, in my perfect world, to have one of each, and then be done."

The Kentucky native is as smitten with Ray as she was on their first date, maybe more, but she does admit one thing has changed.

"I feel like, when we got engaged, I felt this as well, but I think I feel it a little deeper," Pearce reflected. "You're promising forever to this person. We lived together, so nothing really changed, but there is this true bond of intimacy, that I feel like, and a connection, that just deepened."

Ray appears on Pearce's upcoming self-titled sophomore album, although not on her current duet "I Hope You're Happy Now."

"There is a duet. I did not think that it was right to put Michael as the ex-boyfriend on 'I Hope You're Happy Now,' so I'm saving a much sweeter song for him on the record. We're really excited," Pearce explained.

"I wanted to make sure, because I feel like we're going to have a career of being able to make music together, so I wanted this to kind of be the first stages," she continued. "More of us dating and falling in love. So that's what you're going to here on this first song."

When Pearce and Ray picked their location for their whimsical wedding, they wanted to have a casual, outdoor ceremony, but Mother Nature had other plans. Still, in hindsight, Pearce wouldn't change a thing.

"Michael and I picked the venue for the outdoor space," Pearce said of their Music City nuptials. "The morning of, literally it had been beautiful in Nashville for the whole week, and it decided to not just sprinkle, it downpoured. And honestly, where we ended up getting married on the property was this old barn, and it had a tin roof, and the rain. That was the most memorable part for me.

"It was so beautiful in there," she added. "So intimate, so romantic. And it was completely not what I thought for the last nine months of planning that I was going to have, but it made it so special."


Photo Credit: Getty / Taylor Hill