Canaan Smith Drops 'Pour Decisions,' Co-Written by Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley (Exclusive)

Canaan Smith just dropped a brand-new song, "Pour Decisions," from his upcoming project! The song was written by Smith, along with Corey Crowder, Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley, and Ernest K Smith, and is being released on the FGL's newly-formed Round Here Records.

"Brian Kelley has a really cool place in Grayton Beach, Florida, and he decided to have some of the Tree Vibez writers come down for a week to write," Smith told of writing the uptempo hit. "It's so easy to find inspiration in a place like that, so once we had the idea for 'Pour Decisions,' the lyrics just 'poured' out – ha! That day, in particular, was some of the most fun I've ever had writing a song. We even celebrated afterwards by driving the Raptor out on the beach and having us a little Oyster City beer party."

Smith will be staying close to home for the next few weeks, while he and his wife, Christy, wait for the arrival of their firstborn, but Smith has already been playing "Pour Decisions," and is eager to share it with even more of his fans now that it's released.

"The crowd seems to really love this song as much as I love performing it," said the singer. "It's a fun party anthem that's easy to sing along to. Plus, I think most people can relate to it… I mean who hasn't made 'Pour Decisions' at some point in their life?"

Smith doesn't know when his album will be released, but he does hint that his next set of tunes will be authentically him, covering all aspects of his life, including fatherhood.

"We just recorded the next batch of songs last week, and they definitely paint a bigger picture," Smith hinted. "It's all about a lifestyle to me and the things I've learned along the way – and considering I'm about to experience a lot of firsts as a father, I'm sure my music will reflect that in the future. At the end of the day, I just can't wait to take people to Canaan Country."

Smith signed to Round Here Records earlier this year, and is already anticipating big changes in his career, now that he has teamed up with both Kelley and Tyler Hubbard.

"I feel completely in a new league right now," Smith told "I feel like I've been put in the right place musically; I'm in a good headspace, and as far as the team goes, I've known those guys since college. We are a brotherhood, and I know that they got my back. We've been having a blast dreaming together, and we've got big plans, so I'm excited."


Download or stream the song by visiting Smith's website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Mat Hayward