Cam Recalls Terrifying Moments Before Giving Birth to Daughter Lucy (Exclusive)

Although singer Cam is now the proud mother of 3-month-old daughter, Lucy, her birth experience was anything but easy. The singer, whose real name is Cameron Marvel Ochs, opened up about the terrifying delivery, which definitely did not go according to plan.

"I wanted a natural birth," Cam told "I had done all these classes. For all my appointments I was going to the birthing center. Loved the midwives, loved the whole setup, and it ended up being my last appointment. I went in for 39 weeks and one of the midwives was like, 'You know, it feels like she's in a different position. Let's go do an ultrasound.' So, we walked down the hall, do the ultrasound, and sure enough she's upside down, or in the wrong position.

"So they go, OK, well we're going to schedule your C-section because obviously if you happen to go into labor at this point, it starts to get really tricky and dangerous.'"

Cam and her husband, Adam Weaver, didn't plan on having a Caesarean section, let alone prepare for how traumatizing her experience would become.

"It's so weird," Cam reflected. "You're going to bed knowing that your kid's coming the next morning, and I've never had any kind of surgeries or broken bones or anything. So I'm naive about what any of that means for your body. Went in understandably nervous, and my husband basically, he jokes he can love me, because he has seen me inside and out now. I mean, you literally are split open."

The California native imagined her first moments with her daughter would be a lot different than they actually were, due to her unexpected surgery.

"This clamp holds me open while your baby gets brought up," Cam recounted. "You're behind a thing. I can't see it, but my husband ended up seeing it, but it's very weird. You're very drugged up. So, I imagine your first moments with your baby were different then mine. I was not fully connected to this little thing. I was, 'Adam, I think you should hold her because I can't fully feel my arm.'"

Thankfully, Cam fully recovered, although she mourned the experience she thought she would have.

"It was very different, but I mean, everybody was safe," Cam said. "It happened in like 15 minutes. It was crazy. There's a lot of great things about it, but definitely the next appointment when I went back postpartum to go get checked up at the birthing center, I had a good cry. I was like, 'This is what I wanted it to be.' Those kind of moments. The first two weeks were so hard. I remember being exhausted, and they scare the sh–– out of you nowadays."

The scary experience did make Cam even more appreciative of Weaver, who she credited with helping both her and her daughter right after the birth.

"You really find out how strong your partnership is if you're raising a kid with a partner and I lucked out," Cam boasted. "I picked a really good one. He particularly made me food, changed diapers, handed me a baby to breastfeed while I couldn't even get out of bed myself. So we made it through and now we're to the cute parts where she laughs and smiles."


Cam's latest single, "Till There's Nothing Left," is available everywhere. Her album is expected to drop this summer.

Photo Credit: Getty / Andrea Friedrich