Cam Admits She 'Started to Blush' While Writing Current Single, 'Till There's Nothing Left' (Exclusive)

When Cam sat down to write her current single, 'Till There's Nothing Left,' she had no idea how [...]

When Cam sat down to write her current single, "Till There's Nothing Left," she had no idea how uncomfortable, or brave, the song would force her to become. The sensual song, which says in part, "Till there's nothing left / Till there's nothing left / Me and you in the backseat / Drivin' me crazy / Killin' me baby," started out as a rhythm that Cam and her co-writers latched onto, before the song went in a direction the California native wasn't initially sure she was confident enough to follow.

"What was funny is that we went into the studio, Hillary Lindsey, Tyler Johnson and myself, and we didn't really grab anything that made sense," Cam told "Most of writing is failing. This was a normal day; I went back to the hotel and they sent me an audio recording later in the night and it sounded like they had been opening a bottle of wine, having a good time. They came up with this super-steamy kind of beat. It felt so sexy and I was like, 'This is amazing.'

"We go back in and the next day start working on it and of course with Jeff Bhasker too, and we start making what fits the vibe, which is this really sensual song," she continued. "'I want to love you until there's just nothing left of me,' and not in a, 'I don't know myself, will you be me for me?' But I know who I am giving everything. It's a very spiritual and emotional and physical and kind of a big declaration of love and as we were doing the chorus hearing these lyrics come out about me and you in the backseat, I started to blush."

Cam ultimately realized that her discomfort was something particular to female artists, a stereotype she has been trying to fight for most of her career.

"All the guys sing this with no second thoughts," the new mother acknowledged. "This is a totally normal thing for a guy to sing. Okay, I need to own this. Let's have a moment ... It was all the stuff that women, we get put on us and the different definitions we've got to fit into. Unfortunately, you have to do this whole logical exercise just to be able to sing a song about getting it on in the backseat."

"Till There's Nothing Left" is from Cam's upcoming album, which is tentatively scheduled for a summer release.

Photo Credit: Getty / Mat Hayward