Brittany Aldean Feels Like a 'Big Sister' to Jason Aldean's Older Daughters

Along with the two kids she shares with husband Jason Aldean, Brittany Aldean is a stepmom to Jason's two older daughters from his previous marriage, Keeley, 17 and Kendyl, 12. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Brittany shared how she feels like "a big sister" to the two girls. "I do find myself being kind of like a big sister, which is actually really fun," she said. "I do love the fact that they're a little bit older because it's so fun. I really am starting to relate to them, especially the older one. She's going through things now that I can really relate to."

Brittany added that "being a stepparent is a difficult" role but she's glad Jason's girls are the stepkids she has. "Sometimes it's a thankless position, but I'm very, very fortunate in the fact that the girls are awesome," she said. "They love me, I love them. We get along very well. I'm really thankful that they're the ones that I'm in this position with." Jason shares Keely and Kendyl with ex-wife Jessica Ussery. Brittany further revealed that co-parenting was "kind of hard" when the coronavirus pandemic first broke out.

"We didn't see his daughters for about a month because it was the beginning of the whole issue," she said. "We didn't really know what was going on at that house, and they didn't really know what was going on at ours. For a little bit, it was just like, 'Stay put, we will see you. We just got to let this thing die down.'" She added, "It's definitely difficult because you're trying to not get your household sick, and so is everyone else."

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Keely and Kendyl eventually joined Brittany, their dad and their siblings Memphis and Navy at the family's home in Florida, where the Aldeans surprised Keely with an at-home prom since the high school student missed her own. Last month, Brittany posted an IGTV video recapping the party, which started with a clip of the North Carolina native explaining the surprise.


"Today is May 2nd, 2020, and it was supposed to be Keeley's junior prom in Nashville, but for obvious reasons, it's not happening," she said. "So we are gonna throw her prom at home and so here we go! Let's do it!" In her caption, Brittany added, "When Prom 2020 gets canceled, you celebrate at home! SURPRISE KEELEY!!"