Brett Young Claims He Is 'Better Than Most Guys' in the Kitchen

Not only can he sing and write songs, but Brett Young can also cook! The new father doesn't get a lot of time at home, especially with his busy music career, but when he does, he enjoys being creative in the kitchen, especially when he can make something up as he goes.

"I think as far as guys go, I’m decent in the kitchen," Young shared with his record label. "I do enjoy cooking, so I’m really fortunate –– both my mom, my mother-in-law, and my now wife are all very good in the kitchen. So, anything I screw up they’ve got a backup item. But I like to be involved. I like to cook, and one of the things I really like to do is kind of just like, throw things together, look in the fridge see what odds and ends we have and try to come up with something.

"I hate to waste food," he added. "I enjoy it. I would say I'm average, maybe better than most guys."

Young and his wife, Taylor, are both adjusting to their roles as parents, after the birth of their first daughter, Presley Elizabeth, in October.

"It's the absolute best thing that ever happened to us," Young told "If I were to complain about sleep right now, I'd feel guilty, because my wife is sleeping much less than me. We're on cloud nine, and we're figuring it out, and very blessed."

Young might love being a dad, even if he has trouble explaining his feelings over his baby girl.

"The crazy thing is, I make a living on words as a songwriter," Young said. "When my daughter was born, she came out, and all of the things you're afraid of, like 'Are they going to take breath?' Are their eyes and ears going to work?' – she came out, took this big breath and cried, opened her eyes and looked right at me, and all of this weight came off. This idea of a person became a reality really quickly."

"I'm not a manly man, like a tough guy, but this animal, carnal need to protect this child came over me," he added. "I felt like a dad immediately. It was a really cool experience."


Young will kick off his Chapters Tour on Jan. 30 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Find tour dates on his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Slaven Vlasic