Brett Eldredge Reflects on 'Weirdest Birthday' Celebrated During Coronavirus

It was a birthday Brett Eldredge will always remember, if not for the reasons he had hoped. The [...]

It was a birthday Brett Eldredge will always remember, if not for the reasons he had hoped. The "Drunk on Your Love" singer celebrated his 34th birthday on Monday, while being forced to stay home and away from others due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it wasn't the celebration Eldredge hoped to have, he managed to make the best of what was likely a disappointing day.

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"This is definitely the weirdest birthday I've ever had but honestly peanut butter pancakes and an omelette for dinner makes everything better," Eldredge posted on Instagram. "I am thinking about all of you and I feel very optimistic that we are gonna get through this together...thank you for all of the birthday wishes."

Fans were quick to chime in on Eldredge's unique birthday celebration.

"Can we get a picture of Edgar!?!?" one fan wrote, referring to Eldredge's beloved dog. "Happy birthday!!"

"We could really use some bedtime songs from Brett right now," suggested another. "Please come back to Instagram and calm our anxiety."

"Happy Birthday!! Perfect time to start a new album and serenade us!" one person posted.

Several also commented on Eldredge's absence in social media, with his last post prior to his birthday on March 5. For the Illinois native, who also switched from a smartphone to a flip phone, he found he operates better when he removes extra distractions from his life.

"I've discovered so many different sounds from that, that I've never had," Eldredge shared with and other media, adding that the lack of technology was also helping him focus on his next record. "I think just creating this space mentally in my personal life and music life, I got a flip-phone ... All the outside noise, I've cut most of it out, and it's been a profound experience of such a deeper level of anything I've ever written or created in my music career. I think it's going to be really cool."

The switch to more basic technology has impacted every area of Eldredge's life, but especially how he spends his time.

"I'm definitely in a new phase," Eldredge said at the time. "A phone is the smallest thing, but it is everything. I think now I'm spending a lot of time playing piano, which I didn't do, and taking more time to connect with friends and stuff."

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