Exclusive: New Brett Eldredge Album Songs Listed by Emoji Game

Brett Eldredge is set to release his third album on Aug. 4 and with the excitement building, PopCulture.com figured the best way to tease everyone with what the songs will be about is the most millennial way possible: a list of emojis.

Emoji Series

The record will drop on Aug. 4, but in the meantime his fans can busy themselves with trying to figure out what each song is about based on a coordinating emoji series exclusive to PopCulture.com.

Fans might instantly understand the "Love Someone" or "Something I'm Good At" emoji versions, but the others may still have some questions.

It looks like the second song on the album will be "Superhero" and is about people who dedicate their lives to saving others'.

In recent weeks, Eldredge has been giving fans a taste of his new music at shows. Be sure to check out this video of him playing "Castaway" at the Ryman or these renditions of "Love Someone" and "No Stopping You" until you can get your hands on the full album.

Brett is currently touring with Luke Bryan on the "Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day Tour" and is looking to add to his list of six, No. 1 songs.

Topping the charts on previous albums with "Don't Ya," "Beat of the Music, "Mean To Me," "Wanna Be That Song," "Drunk on Your Love," and "Lose my Mind."


Can you figure out what the rest of the songs are about? No matter, they are sure to be


Getty / Rick Diamond