Bobby Bones Announces Upcoming Children's Book

Bobby Bones is now adding children's book author to his many credentials, announcing this week that his book Stanley the Dog and His First Day of School will be released in Summer 2022. Featuring illustrations by Stephanie Laberis, the book follows Bones' real-life dog, Stanley, as he faces down his fears about his first day at Doggy Day Care.

"My newest book 'Stanley the Dog and His First Day of School' he been announced!" Bones wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. "It's about how it's ok if you don't fit in at first. And how all your differences make you great! This is the book version of Stanley! Illustrated by Stephanie Laberis! I e already written it. And Can't wait for you guys to see it. And thanks to [Harper Collins] for giving me a 3rd book deal!!! Also we are going to do a lot of good for dogs." He also plugged Stanley's Instagram account, writing, "Also follow @mr.stanleybones! Thank you all."

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Bones is already a two-time New York Times bestselling author thanks to his two previously released books, 2016's Bare Bones: I'm Not Lonely If You're Reading This Book and 2018's Fail Until You Don't: Fight Grind Repeat. Stanley the Dog and His First Day of School will be published by David Linker at HarperCollins; CAA brokered the deal for world rights for the author and Anne Moore Armstrong of the Bright Agency represented the illustrator. Pre-order and more information is forthcoming.

Bones told Country Now that he got the idea to write a children's book in 2016 but that "no one wanted it" at the time.

"They're all like, 'No one wants to buy a kid's book.' This is five or six years ago. 'You're not famous. You need to be famous and on and on and on,'" he shared. "I wrote my first two books which, ironically, did extremely well and now I'm doing a kid's book."


The 40-year-old added his new book will help spread his message of inclusivity and positivity. "It's about Stanley, my dog, and how you don't have to look like everybody else to find what you're wonderful at and what is wonderful about you," he said. "He goes to school and he looks a little awkward and he's a big fat bulldog."