Blake Shelton Announces New Single, 'God's Country'

Blake Shelton is officially ready to drop new music, with The Voice coach announcing that his new single, "God's Country," will be released on March 29.

"'God's Country' is a song that has a strong and deep meaningful lyric, but at the same time it leaves it up to the listeners' interpretation," Shelton said of the song in a statement, via CMT.

"But no matter where you are from or where you're standing it is my belief that you're standing in God's Country. It's really about a state of mind. Wherever you're from and how you feel about that place. For me, it's about being from Oklahoma – where I was born, raised and still live today."

The song was written by country artists Devin Dawson and HARDY with Jordan Schmidt, and will be the first single from Shelton's upcoming album.

According to a press release, "God's Country" is an "electrifying foot-stomper that connects the listener to their roots," and a preview shared on Twitter offers a twanging instrumental with a humming bassline and intimidating-sounding chime that's clearly primed to build to something big.

"I'm so proud of the song and so excited that he wanted to sing it," Dawson told SiriusXM's Storme Warren of the track. "HARDY and I both come from a metal background and it's pretty heavy, but it still has the lyric that I need to chew on. It has heart. It really fits his voice so well."

Shelton's most recent single was "Turnin' Me On", which appeared on his 2017 album, Texoma Shore. The singer is a native of Ada, Oklahoma, and still lives in the state, something he previously told CBS News was always the plan.

"I took a break from this place to go give Nashville a shot," he said. "I don't know how to not be in Oklahoma. You know, I don't know how to not go huntin' and fishin' every year. It's just how I've – how God built me."

"This is a stream that you step out of and when you realize you want back in it," he added. "It's dry and then there's no water in that stream anymore."

In 2017, Shelton opened his restaurant and entertainment venue, Ole Red, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, sharing that he made the decision to open up shop in his home state before launching a location in Nashville.


"They wanted to do it in Nashville which – duh, no brainer, right?" the 42-year-old recalled. "And I went back and forth. And I finally said, 'OK, I'll do the restaurant. I'll partner with you guys with one condition. We gotta do one in Tishomingo, Oklahoma first.'"

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin