Danielle Bradbery Gets Personal in 'Worth It' Single

Danielle Bradbery is getting really personal in her latest single, "Worth It." The song, which says, "'Cause I'm worth it / You're crazy baby if you think that I don't know it / I ain't afraid to walk away if you can't see it, believe it / And give me the love I'm deserving / 'Cause I know I'm worth it," was a way for Bradbery to express her own struggles, while also offering encouragement for others.

“There were a lot of different feelings, to be honest," says Bradbery of the song, which she wrote with Jeff Pardo and Molly Reed. "I didn’t go into that write thinking this is going to be exactly about a relationship. We were talking about real life stuff and we hadn’t started to really talk about the song yet but I told them, ‘I’m really struggling to really speak up for myself, really just say no to things that I don’t feel is right.’ And that’s kind of how the inspiration of that started and that can go exactly into a relationship too.

"You don’t want to be walked all over," she continues. "I’ve witnessed one of my best friends go through something and she was feeling just worthless. And I’m like, ‘No, do not let this guy make you feel this way. There’s so much more to you.’ And I know a lot of friends and a lot of people that go through that."

Although written for her own life, the Season 4 winner of The Voice has been surprised by how much the song has resonated with others.

"I’ve even had dads, fathers come up to me after I’ve sang it somewhere and they’re like, ‘I have a 16-year-old daughter or I have a 20-something-year old daughter and thank you. I want them to hear this,'" shares the singer. "Because as a dad that’s scary for their daughter to go through that. I know my dad gets worried and all the time.”

The 21-year-old has been dating Brent Hernandez for several years, which inspired not only "Worth It," but a lot of songs on her recent I Don't Believe We've Met album.

“I’ve been in a long relationship and we all have moments, and especially being so young, you’re still trying to figure each other out," Bradbery explains. "And so it’s not going to be a smooth ride and I feel like everybody can vouch for that so I’m not the only one. And we definitely went through some stuff; I won’t go into detail but we went through stuff and it inspired a lot of things, and we got through it.”


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Photo Credit: YouTube