Why Michael Strahan's 'GMA' Interview With Margot Robbie Is Getting Roasted Right Now

Michael Strahan is feeling some wrath from comic book fans after his interview on Good Morning America with Margot Robbie. The actress was appearing on the show to promote her upcoming role in Birds of Prey. The movie is set to premiere on Feb. 7.

The problem that arose was that Strahan cited the wrong comic book universe when talking with Robbie about the film.

"Obviously there's so many characters in the Marvel universe... in this universe... if we get a sequel," Strahan said before being cutting off.

"D.C. Michael," one of the cast members corrected him, to which Strahan replied, "D.C., I know."

The gaffe quickly created a wave of responses on Twitter. It also caused Robbie to make quite the face after hearing him say 'Marvel.'

"She didn't seem annoyed in the slightest, just slightly amused by the confusion," one user wrote.

Another posted, "Dumb mistake but makes you wonder just how much Marvel and DC do the general audience public ACTUALLY knows."

One viewer wasn't willing to give Strahan any slack for his miscue.

Birds of Prey stars Robbie as she steps back into her role of Harley Quinn that she previously played in Suicide Squad. Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play the part of Huntress, Jurnee Smollett-Bell will take on Black Canary and Rosie Perez will play the Gotham City police detective, Renee Montoya.

This will also be the first superhero movie with an all-female cast.


"It's amazing," Robbie said in a prior interview with Screen Rant. "I mean, we wanted to diversify the age-range as well. We're an eclectic group; we're a group that represents the world around us. Everyone, I think either is or should be making the effort to represent the world more honestly on screen.

This will be the eighth film in the DC Extended Universe, which first began in 2013 with Man of Steel.