'Vampire Diaries' Star Paul Wesley Rips United Airlines for Having 'Zero Regard for Coronavirus'

Paul Wesley can relate to most Americans. He’s fed up with the coronavirus and the impact it has had on the country. He let his frustrations boil over onto Twitter after a flight he took with United Airlines. The Vampire Diaries star went on a multi-tweet rant about the lack of social distancing measurements taken by the company.

The Tell Me A Story actor let it all loose in his Twitter barrage of United Airlines, beginning his thread by saying that the airline treats people “like trash” after his recent flight. “And this is exactly why your airline is consistently ranked as the worst airline in America,” Wesley continued. “You jam pack all of your seats and have zero regard for coronavirus. It’s all money and numbers to you.” On United’s website, the company lists the measurements it has taken in the wake of the pandemic, none of which regard spreading out seats, which was Wesley’s major gripe with his experience.

“Boycott @United fly @Delta instead,” Wesley continued in a separate tweet. “Delta clears out their seats and makes sure it’s not overcrowded. They care about your safety even if it costs them money. @United could care less.” In its on-board COVID-19 protocol listings, United says it provides hand sanitizers, face masks to be worn and frequent disinfectants. There’s also deplaning in groups of five rows to reduce crowding. That being said, Wesley’s concerns with the overcrowdedness is a concern others who have flown on the airline have shared. He added a third message in response to fellow actor Sebastian Roche telling him he hasn’t flown United in years due to their customer service. “I will NEVER fly @United - I don’t care if they are the only airline flying a certain city.” Wesley added that he was really deterred by the way they treated their passengers amid the virus concerns.

COVID-19 reached its deadliest peak in December as a record number of cases and deaths were reported. The month saw more than 63,000 Americans die from the coronavirus after 36,964 deaths were reported the month prior. Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned that even darker days may lie ahead as the winter months continue to drag on.