Tim Allen Reveals His Morning Coffee Mugs, and 'Home Improvement' and 'Santa Clause' Fans Are Going to Love Them

Last Man Standing star Tim Allen showed off his collection of favorite mugs on Twitter back on July 15. He is still using mugs from the Home Improvement set. Allen also uses a mug with a picture of himself as Santa Claus from his hit Disney movies.

"What cup do you use for your morning coffee? Here's some of my well loved, faded & cracked mugs," Allen wrote on Twitter. Two of the mugs have the "Tool Time" logo on it, while the other has Binford Tools logo, both from Home Improvement.

The photo inspired several fans to share photos of their own photo and their love of Home Improvement.

"My husband was wearing a Tool Time t-shirt when he fell off a ladder at the 2nd story roofline. The ER staff cracked up; it was Tim the Toolman jokes all evening. I work at that facility and occasionally I am asked about 'Tim,'" one fan wrote.

"My husband would go nuts if I found him a Santa Clause mug," another wrote.

"I am still a big fan of Home Improvement, and love to see you weave those characters into your new show," another wrote.

While fans wait for the next season of Last Man Standing to start up, Allen can be seen live on his stand-up tour. He is performing in Orlando on Friday and in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday.

“This is where everything came from: Home Improvement, The Santa Clause, everything came from this character,” Allen told the Orlando Sentinel of his stand-up career. “I’m talking about myself in the third person — that’s always scary.”

Despite being known for his role as Buzz Lightyear in the family-friendly Toy Story movies, Allen's stand-up is definitely for the 18 and older crowd.

“I just use rough language. It’s not sexual content. I’m a lazy linguist. I use expletives,” he told the Sentinel. "I broach into the PC world, ’cause for comedians right now, it’s a little dicey. People are very sensitive about the words you use.”

The next season of Last Man Standing will air not air on Fridays when it comes back to Fox early next year. That's because Fox will air WWE's SmackDown Live on Fridays. The show will likely take a slot after Fox finishes its NFL Thursday Night Football season, during which Fox can heavily promote the series.


Last Man Standing returned on Fox last season, a year after ABC canceled the show. The network renewed it for an eighth season before it reached its 150th episode during Season 7.

Photo credit: Fox