Simon Cowell's Latest White Teeth Photo With Heidi Klum Has Fans Weighing In

Chatter around Simon Cowell’s extremely bright smile is buzzing once more after the America’s Got Talent host posed for a new photo with his co-judge Heidi Klum. On Thursday, Klum took to her Instagram Story to share a selfie of herself and the former American Idol judge with her millions of followers. But many couldn’t get past the fact that Cowell’s grin appeared even whiter.

“Looks like he stuck chewing gum to his mouth,” one person wrote after seeing the photo.

“I'll admit I'm jealous, but as we've learned from Joe Biden recently, could just be dentures,” a second suggested.

Buzz surrounding Cowell’s grin is nothing new. Days before Klum shared the selfie, one Twitter user wrote, “[Laugh my f—ing a— off] Simon Cowell’s teeth are f—ing hilarious.”

In a tweet dated Aug. 14, another person joked that “scientists worked tirelessly for six years to manufacture a porcelain white enough for Simon Cowell’s teeth.”

“Ok, but it’s getting ridiculous how white Simon Cowell’s teeth are,” another recently commented.

“Hope my future is as strong as simon cowell’s teeth,” quipped another fan of the glaringly white smile.

According to the Daily Mail, the 59-year-old’s smile first took center stage in 2007 when 70-year-old woman auditioning for X Factor exclaimed that she hoped to win the competition in order to get dental care because she wanted a smile akin to Cowell’s.

“I can't help that I've got good teeth,” he said in response.

Cowell’s teeth again became the center of attention this summer after he stepped out at a number of events, flashing the blinding grin for the cameras and sparking buzz on social media. Speaking to The Sun in September, Sharon Osbourne even had a few things to say about Cowell’s teeth.


“The teeth are too white again, he always gets these teeth that are too white and it takes a year or so for the colour to calm down,” she told the outlet. “Otherwise I think he looks great, he’s dropped weight and it’s great for him. Much healthier for him, not that he was big but he just got rid of that tummy and chest.”

While fans like to poke fun at just how Cowell came to have such white teeth, he admitted last year to having cosmetic work. According to one expert who spoke to Express, Cowell’s “ultra-bright Hollywood smile” is now “at least eight shades whiter - probably off the whitening scale” from what they were just years ago. The cost of such white teeth? The expert estimated “upwards of £50,000.”