Rockstar Seriously Injured After Being Run Over by Burglar

Corey Dill, a member of the indie rock group Brother Moses, is continuing to recover after he was injured during a robbery in Texas in October. Dill underwent a weeks-long hospitalization after he was run over by the suspects who robbed the band's tour vehicle, leaving him with severe injuries.

The incident occurred on the night of Oct. 19 when Dill and his bandmates were returning to the Deep Ellum Art Co. from a dinner break before their show when they spotted someone leaving their vehicle, the band's singer, James Lockhart, told ABC 8. Dill and his bandmates then began to chase the suspect, with Dill eventually falling to the ground. The suspect managed to escape in a getaway car, which ran over Dill. Lockhart said, "we an tell via security footage that the back right tire of that truck went over Corey as it left."

"I don't really remember anything after that, like, if I grabbed him or tried to wrestle him out," Dill told News Nation USA. "In my mind, he got to the passenger door as he's scooting in and that's kind of the end of what I remember until I'm laying on the ground a few moments later."

In a statement shortly after the incident, Lockhart said Dill suffered a fractured pelvis, a fractured clavicle, "internal damage in his pelvic area.. multiple facial fractures to his temporal bone, his nose, underneath his teeth and he crushed his sinus cavity." He was taken to Baylor Medical Center, where he underwent multiple surgeries, including a procedure to install a metal brace. He remained in the hospital for a total of 15 days before he was discharged in early November, though Dill said he still has weeks of recovery ahead of him. The musician said he will have to undergo future surgeries as well as rehab before he can walk again.

Amid the tragedy, a GoFundMe page was created to help cover the cost of Dill's extensive medical bills. The page has raised nearly $60,000 of its $100,000 goal. Dill said of the support, "the support and all the love I received was incredible, especially the first few days when I didn't have my phone and my wife would read things like comments and messages. I found that very encouraging and uplifting. It's incredible to see how many people were backing me up."

At this time, the suspects are still at large. Surveillance cameras captured images of the suspects involved in the robbery as well as the vehicle they drove off in, a black GMC Sierra. Police are still investigating the incident.