Olivia Newton John’s Daughter Breaks Silence On Social Media About Mom’s Cancer

Olivia Newton-John's daughter is breaking her social media silence following her mother's announcement that she is battling breast cancer again.

31-year-old Chloe Lattanzi says that she received many supportive comments from her social media community, but there was one interaction that made her feel the need to get rid of her Instagram account. One user lashed out at her for posting a happy photo of herself amidst her mother's battle with breast cancer, and it was the last straw for Lattanzi.

"Some woman commented that I couldn't post happy pictures of myself because of what my mother is going through. I am so sad and no one has any idea what I am going through," Lattanzi said.

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"I don't want my life to be public and this [is] the greatest struggle a daughter could go through. And the last thing I need is someone telling me that I can't distract myself and post normal creative pics on my Instagram."

Lattanzi says that even though her Grease actress mother was forced to put her U.S. and Canadian tour on hold, that she "is fine," according to ET.

"The one thing she told me is to keep being creative positive and take my mind off anything negative," Lattanzi said. "My mom and I are humans and unfortunately my mother's cancer has to be everyone's business."

Because of some of the negative remarks she received after her mother canceled the tour, Lattanzi is stepping away from social media for the time being.

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"You could never imagine how much we just want to be alone. And not have to deal with the world's opinions of how we deal with this. I'm going to leave my Instagram for a while," she said.

Lattanzi explained that she was not doing away with her Instagram account out of guilt, but instead because of her anger at the situation.

"Not because I'm ashamed that I posted a pic that wasn't to do with my mom, but because I'm angry. Angry that there are such incredibly insensitive a**holes out there making me feel ashamed of trying to feel normal. Goodbye for a while."

Lattanzi's final post was drastically different than the one she shared on Wednesday, in which she expressed her appreciation for the support.


"I want to thank all of you for your love and support. My mom and best friend is going to be fine," she wrote. "She will be using medicine that I often talk about. CBD oil! (Cannabis has scientifically proven properties to inhibit cancer cell growth) and other natural healing remedies plus modern medicine to beat this."