More Nicole Kidman Photos Revealed from LOVE Magazine Shoot

New photos from Nicole Kidman's risqué photo shoot with LOVE magazine have been released and the Big Little Lies star is displaying a much racier side than her fans are accustomed to seeing. On Sunday, the publication shared several skin-filled images from the country-themed shoot.

More Nicole Kidman from the new Love issue 18. On sale this week.

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The image shows the Oscar winner donning a red one-piece swimsuit while holding a faux fur jacket around her waist. To complete the sexy ensemble, Kidman rocked a cowboy hat and leather boots. She was photographed walking the streets while whipping her head around to shoot a smoldering look at the camera.

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The photos were shared with further snippets from Nicole Kidman's interview with the publication.

The Australian star was evidently asked about her decision-making process in her acting career.

"There's no real strategy or thought behind it - I just kind of go where I feel like going, which has been both to my detriment and advantage at times," she said.

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When picking out her film and TV projects, the wife of country music star Keith Urban is partial to working with her pals.

"I'm very drawn to working with friends: working with people I know, or that I feel are auteurs. So a lot of it is just driven by the storyteller, the filmmaker," Kidman said.

Last week LOVE magazine unleashed a look at the cover for the August issue featuring Nicole Kidman.


The picture shows her rocking a purple cowboy hat along with a red lace-up swimsuit that flaunts her trim physique. The photo shoot was so sexy that Kidman actually wondered if she made a mistake in agreeing to do it.

"I thought about this shoot afterwards. I was like, 'what was I doing?' I lost my mind! How are the shots? Do they look crazy?" she said.