Nicole Kidman Forbids Electronic Devices in Her Nashville Home With Keith Urban

In a new interview with The Guardian, Hollywood powerhouse Nicole Kidman made a surprising revelation about life at home in Nashville with husband Keith Urban and their children — namely, that they have a no-devices house.

"We have periods at home where we don't turn on the TV and try to have a detox from it all," Kidman said. "I can recommend that to anyone. Like everyone, I worry about all the anger that seems to be around. What do you do? In our case, we have some land and some animals. I left home yesterday and my children were up in the tree house, with eight friends over. We have a no-devices house. Their friends can't bring devices over. The general rule is: play, hard core and outside."

That slower pace of life is what attracted the actress to living in Tennessee, as well, and even reminds her of Australia in a lot of ways, including "the pace of life, the landscape." And while Urban is a major country music star, residents in Nashville tend to respect their privacy, she said.

The family goes to church, as well.

"We go to Catholic church, or sometimes we will go to a gospel church for the music," she said. "That singing and joy is so wonderful."

Urban and Kidman seem to be as close as ever. The country superstar and his wife had a sweet moment recently at the CMA Awards just before Urban accepted the night's biggest accolade, Entertainer of the Year.

Before heading to the stage, Urban took a moment to hug Kidman and whisper in her ear before he thanked his entire family both onstage and backstage.


"Thank you for supporting me and loving me through all that I do," Urban said onstage of daughters Sunday and Faith. "Thank you for supporting Daddy. You make it all worthwhile."

"I feel very blessed that I have the support of my family like I do," Urban shared with and other media backstage at the awards ceremony. "It's a beautiful thing having two artists, because we understand the passion and the responsibility of what we get to do. Very important."