'Mulan': Christina Aguilera Confirms New Recording of 'Reflection' to Coincide With Disney Film's Release

Christina Aguilera has become quite the celebrity ever since breaking into the music industry. [...]

Christina Aguilera has become quite the celebrity ever since breaking into the music industry. Perhaps forgotten in the shuffle was Aguilera's first big break came from Disney when she was selected to record "Reflection" for their newest animated film at the time, Mulan, in 1998. The song climbed to No. 15 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. A year later, she released "Genie in a Bottle," which rose to top of the charts and kickstarted her career.

It appears as though Aguilera will be tapping back into what helped launch her career with Disney set to release the live-adaptation of Mulan on March 27. She revealed during her Las Vegas show Xperience that she had recorded a new spin on "Reflection."

"The live action Mulan is coming out by the way," she shared with the crowd during Wednesday's show. "You have to go see it. I recorded a new "Reflection" and new material for the movie. I've been working on that, but this is the original."

It remains unclear when her new take on the classic Disney song will occur in the movie. After all, the director of the film has previously stated the movie will not be a musical, though some of those comments have been clarified.

The actors will not be singing the songs, like has been done in previous live-adaptations, so the classic songs that came with the original movie still may be appearing in the background. Trailers for Mulan suggest this will be the case.

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Jason Reed, the movie's producer, told Collider that "they're not going to stop their workouts to do a big musical number to camera," as was the case in the animated film. The decision is to make the movie more realistic and keep the threat "real."

The film has grabbed quite the headlines throughout its production. From delays to concerns over what songs will and will not be included, Mulan has seen its fair share of criticism. It was recently revealed that some of the characters from the animated film, such as Mushu and Li Shang, would not be included. A move that has left fans disappointed.

Reed explained the decision to Collider, citing a creative maneuver to essentially split the character into two new faces, all while keeping the "uncomfortable" nature of Mulan's commanding officer from being her love interest.