Former TV Presenter Reveals She Was Accosted by Patrick Swayze

Just eight years after the passing of Patrick Swayze, a former TV presenter is alleging that the Dirty Dancing star "forcefully kissed" her while she was working as a makeup artist for Disney.

Michaela Mahone was tasked with removing Swayze's makeup after giving an interview where he discussed his wife, but tells The Daily Mail that when she went to remove his makeup, he "grabbed" her by the waist, and started "kissing" her.

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"I was completely shocked. He wouldn't let go," Mahone said. "His hand moved behind my head, and it was a really forceful kiss."

Mahone said she was left feeling "shaken" and "trembling" after the incident.

"It was like an uncle grabbing you and kissing you," she said. "I was appalled, because he just said [in the interview he had done] how much he loved his wife. I felt violated. My mouth hurt. I was in absolute shock."

She recounts that she walked out of the studio in disgust, packing her makeup kit and hoping he was gone by the time she returned. But when she did, he was in the lobby, surrounded by producers.

She alleges then that Swayze made her "give him a hug goodbye" in front of the crowd of people, saying she was too numb to do anything else but embrace him.

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Mahone, who went on to work as a radio presenter and comedian, said she never spoke about the incident because she felt there was "no point."

However, in light of the disgusting accusations of sexual assault and abuse at the hands of Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein, she felt empowered to speak out.


Swayze, who was married to his childhood sweetheart Lisa Nieme until his death in 2009, died after a battle with cancer at the age of 57.

Photo credit: Twitter / @rainbowbrite823