Mark-Paul Gosselaar Reveals 'Saved By the Bell' Guest Star He Had 'Undeniable Chemistry' and 'Real Kisses' With

Saved by the Bell star Mark-Paul Gosselaar recently revealed the one actress he had real chemistry with on the set of the hit '90s series. The actor discussed the topic on a recent episode of the Saved by the Bell-focused podcast Zack to the Future where he and Leah Remini pondered on the past and their "undeniable chemistry." Gosselaar's character Zack Morris and Remini's character Stacey Carosi met in Season 3 when they worked at a high-end beach resort together.

"There is an undeniable chemistry between you and I that we have seen, and you'll see it in this episode as well," Gosselaar told Remini according to PEOPLE, which happens to be from the last episode of the Malibu Sands storyline that happens to be creeping up on its 30th anniversary. "Those are real kisses," he confessed before comparing their connection to him and Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly Kapowski), who played his on-screen love interest. "Tiffani and I never had a kiss like we have ... on these six episodes. But there is not a single person Zack comes into contact with, in my opinion, that had a chemistry that you and I had."

He then added that it wasn't just the actors who were on board for their romance, the fans thought they made a cute pair as well. "And, to top it off ... the audience is really into us. They really, really loved seeing Zack and Stacey together. Now, you wouldn't think that, right? You always thought, 'Oh, it'd be Zack and Kelly," Gosselaar explained.

While the Mixed-ish actor confessed that they "may not have had a relationship in real life," he said, "it definitely seems like there's something there." Remini followed up by agreeing "And we liked each other," she said. "We got along, we laughed, we had a good time — I don't know if you remember that, but there was never any weirdness between us."


Gosselaar and Thiessen have reunited on the Saved by the Bell reboot. During an exclusive PopCulture interview, Thiessen opened up about how she was "thankful" she had the relationships with the returning cast, including Gosselaar, Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkely, because by the time Gosselaar and Thiessen could make it to set, COVID made everything very different. "So as much as we were super excited and we did have a great time, I'm thankful that I and those relationships with Mario and Mark-Paul and Elizabeth because being on set after all of that happened, the protocols and the testing, and then distance, we couldn't be normal in that sense."