Watch Late Food Network Chef Carl Ruiz Rip McDonald's in Viral Video

Chef Carl Ruiz recently passed away at age 44, and a video of the late chef discussing McDonald's has been circulating online in the wake of his death as a way for fans to remember him. The video was originally streamed in March 2018 on his YouTube channel, OMG Carl's Food Show, and is a nearly 20-minute clip of Ruiz eating at a McDonald's titled "Chef Carl Ruiz reviews McDonald's."

Ruiz begins the video by eating a McDonald's cheeseburger, which he notes has a "very thin patty."

"It doesn't seem that they've put much thought into improving this cheeseburger in a long time," he muses. "It's so overwhelmingly bready, zero beef flavor until you start getting into the middle...and then you have that traditional McDonald's taste...It tastes like a dollar."

The chef then samples the fast food chain's McChicken ("a Mayo bomb"), Swiss Onion Burger ("unappetizing"), Quarter Pounder ("very good"), Artisanal Grilled Chicken Sandwich ("a tasty sandwich"), Big Mac ("a lot of bread and a lot of sauce"), French fries ("some of the best in the business"), Filet-O-Fish ("one of the ugliest offerings McDonald's has"), vanilla milkshake ("gold standard"), chicken nuggets and sauces, the former of which is deemed "beyond reproach," and the chain's Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, which don't receive a seal of approval.

After Ruiz's passing, fans have taken to the video to leave their tributes, with comments reading:

"RIP.... I'll miss your humor and honesty. So glad we have your videos."

"Haven't have a big mac in 20 years, but still my favorite burger....RIP my Cuban friend."

"RIP King."

"RIP. Also, their strawberry shake has a chocolatey aftertaste."

Ruiz's death was confirmed on Sunday by his New York City restaurant, La Cubana, who shared the news on Instagram.

"On behalf of the La Cubana family, with heavy hearts, we are deeply saddened to share the passing of our beloved Executive Chef Carl Ruiz," the post read. "No words can fully express our sadness at the sudden loss of our dear friend and brother. Beyond his immense culinary talent, Carl's larger-than-life personality never failed to entertain, enlighten, and uplift every person he encountered along his #Ruizing adventures."


"His fierce intellect and infectious humor knew no bounds. He was a mighty force of down home Cuban cuisine, and lived life to the fullest, just as he cooked—with "dancing always" as the most important ingredient. Here at La Cubana, Carl paid proud tribute to his Cuban roots each night, and it is here that Carl's legacy, undeniable spirit and passion for his culture will live on. We hope we make you proud, Carlito.We love you! You are already missed. Rest easy."

Photo Credit: YouTube / OMG Carl's Food Show