Kristen Bell Reveals Husband's Response to Her Psychedelic Drug Trip

Kristen Bell has revealed that she took a psychedelic drug trip to help treat her depression, and the actress also shared her husband Dax Shepard's response to the experience. Bell told her story to Sean Hayes and Dr. Priyanka Wali in a Hypochondriactor podcast interview, explaining that she opted to try psychedelic mushrooms after reading Michael Pollan's book, How to Change Your Mind, which discusses the effects of LSD and psilocybin on the brain. "There are aspects to those two particular drugs that the places you can go in your brain are much deeper and more healing than anything else," Bell said.

Notably, the podcast featured a disclaimer that none of the guests were intending to provide listeners with medical advice; rather, this was simply Bell sharing her personal experience as she became "really interested in doing mushrooms." As for how Shepard, a recovering drug and alcohol addict, reacted, Bell explained that he was actually very helpful. "I am very lucky to be married to an ex-drug addict… not only did he know where to get the mushrooms, he got that really nice, quality, organic, set and setting, beautiful mushroom," she said, adding that he also "babysat" her during the mind-altering experience, which took place in July 2020, around her birthday.

Bell recalled, "I said, 'I really would like to experience this. And I don't want to, I'm not going to party with it, but I want to know what this feels like. And I want to talk while I'm doing it, and I want you to talk to me.'" She shared that Shepard "took me on a walk around the neighborhood and it was so lovely." The whole experience, Bell says, left her feeling "so enamored with my own body."

Shepard recently opened up on coming clean about a relapse he experienced in 2020, sharing that a close friend convinced him to be honest with his fans and followers. "He goes, 'Look, if you're getting self-esteem from the number, that's silly. If you're getting self-esteem because you think that it's helpful to people, that's great, but if your goal then is actually to help people, it's so much more helpful that you relapsed than it is you being 16 years sober and married to Kristen Bell."


The friend continued, "That's not incredibly relatable to some dude who's struggling. But lying to the people you love just last month, that's pretty relatable." Shepard had been clean for many years but became addicted to opioids after a motorcycle accident caused him to need painkillers.