Justin Timberlake Accused of Cultural Appropriation, Being Rude to Collaborator SZA

Justin Timberlake is catching heat again, but this time, not with his flirtatious behaviors, instead, the singer is being called out for cultural appropriation. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Timberlake, along with SZA were being interviewed by the comedian but viewers didn't seem to take well on how he handled himself on-air.

When DeGeneres asked SZA about her cover on Rolling Stone, Timberlake referred to her as "sis" and seemingly spoke over her a time or two, which fans then took to social media about. "I just want to ask you, for the shoot for Rolling Stone magazine, was it hot? I mean, how hot was it in there... ?" DeGeneres asked. While SZA looked flattered by the question, Timberlake chimed in with, "Sis. What are you doin' to them, sis?"

While SZA continued to answer DeGeneres' question, Timberlake kept chiming in. Towards the end of her answer after explaining that she wanted to wear baggy clothing, Timberlake then said, "Sometimes you've got to let them know, I've been working out. I've been in the gym."

Between the use of the word "sis" and his alleged accent change towards the end, some fans weren't happy about it. One person wrote, "I'm sorry why is JT acting a fool like this?"

Another user said, "Sis [sad emoji] I don't ... I don't like that."

Someone else commented, "Justin Timberlake saying 'sis' makes me cringe," while someone else replied to that saying, "And the accent throw the whole thing away."


While several seemed to not be a fan, one person stuck up for the singer.

Only a few months ago, Timberlake was making headlines after he was caught flirting with his co-star Alisha Wainwright, causing a divide between he and wife Jessica Biel. However, Biel has seemingly moved passed the incident and seems to be on great terms with her husband again.