Jessie James Decker Opens up About Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Goals as She Hits the Beach

Jessie James Decker gave birth to her third child, son Forrest, in March, and the singer is [...]

Jessie James Decker gave birth to her third child, son Forrest, in March, and the singer is currently working on her fitness as she gets closer to her goal weight nearly seven months after giving birth.

Decker used Instagram this week to share a pair of photos from a recent bikini shoot she did with South Beach Diet, posting a side-by-side comparison of herself after giving birth to her older son, 2-year-old Eric Jr., along with a photo of her current figure after welcoming Forrest.

In her caption, the 30-year-old explained that she now has a different approach to fitness and health, sharing that while the number on the scale currently reads more than it did after she gave birth a second time, she feels better about where she's at this time around.

(Photo: Instagram / @jessiejamesdecker)

"No squats on left vs squats and heavy weights and eating more protein on the right," Decker shared. "I am not quite at my goal yet but I'm getting close! I have to be honest even though I was 10 lbs lighter on the left I prefer my body on the right. I'm fit and eating better calories and really keeping track of my protein intake! My goal as a mom of 3 now is to be healthy and fit and feel good."

The author explained that she was nervous about participating in a bikini shoot because she was "worried people would say not nice things," but "woke up feeling ok about it today because I want to show other mamas that we can do it."

(Photo: Instagram / @jessiejamesdecker)

"We can be fit and healthy together in our own time and feel good in our own skin," she concluded. "People who don't have babies don't understand how much our bodies change. But we are super hero's to grow a human and it makes me that more driven to work hard knowing what our bodies can do! I love y'all and let's get fit together."

Decker later shared a second snap from the shoot that found her sitting in a beach hut surrounded by pillows and wearing a black bikini.

"Another fun day shooting," she wrote.

(Photo: Instagram / @jessiejamesdecker)

Decker and husband Eric Decker are also parents to 4-year-old daughter Vivianne, and Decker recently told that while her house is now fuller with three kids, she wouldn't trade it for the world.

"It's a little more crazy but I cannot imagine not having him," she said, adding that time with her family "means everything" to her.

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