Jessica Simpson's Lips Ignite Fan Backlash in New Photo

Jessica Simpson is facing backlash yet again after posting a duck-faced selfie. The 37-year-old [...]

Jessica Simpson is facing backlash yet again after posting a duck-faced selfie. The 37-year-old shared an Instagram selfie while getting in her steps for the day, as she frequently shares fitness updates with her 4.1 million followers.

(Photo: Instagram / @jessicasimpson)

In the picture, she flaunts a pair of Gucci sunglasses along with a San Francisco 49ers beanie and a sweatshirt from her own athleisure line, The Warmup.

She asked her followers to share their steps for the day, but instead many took to comment on her lips, which fans have criticized in the past for looking like injections gone wrong.

"You look ridiculous," one person wrote.

"The everything else yes! Lol," another said.

"Good now leave those lips alone," another wrote.

"Yes she's a very good looking person but what's up with the liiiiiiips in every picture?" someone complained.

"What's up with her mouth?" a fan asked.

"Nice but the lip pose screwed it all up," one person chimed in.

After one fan asked why she's "pouting" in the photo, and another answered, "She's not pouting, that's what her face/mouth does now because of all the fillers and injections."

"Please stop with the lip injections. You were prettier before," another person said.

But it wasn't all criticism on the sunny picture. Several fans called the photo "beautiful" and "perfection" while others even defended Simpson's lips.

"Your lipgloss," one person wrote with three heart emojis.

"Still have the best lips out there," another wrote.

The hyper focus on Simpson's glossy lips comes a month after followers criticized another similar photo of her lips, with one person even calling it a "serious issue."

In a selfie posted in February, Simpson poked fun at her lips, writing #SandpaperSmooch in the caption.

"Her fake lips are hilarious," one person wrote.

"I think she's got some dry crusty lips," another said.

"Ewwwwwwww," one person elegantly wrote.

Another went into detail, writing that Simpson's bottom lip is "damaged for life I'm sure."

"well she sees it daily and she might not see it as it's right in front of her face, and it actually looks like all the injections have damaged her lip it looks as the circulation is damaged and cut off she needs to talk to her dr about this it's a serious issue. Someone needs to let her know before it's too late. It looks bad I've never seen any other rich girl have this issue with her lips," the person wrote.

Simpson has yet to respond to the criticism about her lips.