Howard Stern's Reveals Father Ben Has Died at 99

Howard Stern shared the news that he recently lost his father, Ben, at age 99. The reveal comes alongside another surprising aspect of Stern's life due to his painting on the cover of Dan's Papers.

Dan's Papers is an insider's newsletter for The Hamptons, and Stern's paintings have graced the cover before in 2021. The latest, titled "Southampton Dune," is photorealistic that Stern was inspired to paint after an early morning walk on the beach. While discussing his work with the publication, Stern revealed his next piece and how his father is connected, confirming the sad news.

"Next up: Corwith Barns. I've done a bunch of smaller paintings of the barns but this one is a larger size. The barns are no longer there but I photographed them many times, and I'm doing a big painting that hopefully captures every broken board on that fading structure," Stern told the outlet. "I lost my father recently, he was 99 years old. Not sure how old those barns were, but I feel like painting the barns is honoring him and all those growing older and then gone."

Stern's father played a big part in his radio and media career, also providing plenty of stories and content for Stern during his time on the radio. Fans poured their hearts out after news slowly spread online.

No cause of death was shared and no final date was shared either, with the host seeming to do his best to keep the loss private. Still, Stern took plenty of time showcasing his relationship with his parents on-air, revealing earlier in the year that his mother was dealing with some health issues but remained one of his favorite guests on the show. As for his father, Stern had a different relationship.

"It's not that I didn't feel loved by my father, but my father never had a sense of fun, he just never had fun," Stern detailed on his show back in 1994. Making it to 99 years old, you'd hope he had just a smidge of fun in there somewhere since 1994. Rest in peace.