Heidi Klum Reveals Wild Pride Body Paint, and People Are Loving It

Heidi Klum celebrated Pride Month along with her fans this weekend, revealing a full suit of rainbow bodypaint on Saturday.

Klum covered herself in multi-colored bodypaint from head to toe on Saturday in celebration of Pride Month. The 46-year-old supermodel wore a bra and underwear, but they too were covered in paint. Only her blond hair was spared, and the rest of her showed all the colors of the spectrum in wild, jagged streaks.

"Happy [PRIDE]," Klum wrote with three rainbow flag emojis. "Celebrating & supporting all of those in the LGBTQ+ community today... and every day. Thank you for educating, inspiring and continually fighting for a world that is tolerant and equal."

Klum's video was set to George Michael's song "Freedom! '90," and sped up to show Klum's free-form dancing even more wildly. The model picked up nearly half a million views on her clip at the time of this writing, and many comments from fans who appreciated her loud support for the LGBTQ+ community.

"I love u," one fan wrote with heart emojis, "u are such a role model."

"Sweetie," added another "love you for your fun and shining personality.

"Yassssssss," commented singer Bill Kaulitz. "Love who loves you back."

Klum is engaged to Tom Kaulitz, Bill's brother and bandmate. The German brothers are in the rock band Tokio Hotel, and their recent association with Klum has brought them even more prominently to international audiences.

Tom Kaulitz, 29, is a good deal younger than Klum. However, the two have moved remarkably fast in their romance. After getting together just last March, Klum announced their engagement in December. Kaulitz's brother Bill is openly LGBTQ+, so many fans noted in the comments that this might have contributed to Klum's enthusiasm for Pride this year.

"Supporting all the people in the LGBTQ+ community don't you mean Bill Kaulitz," one person wrote. "lol jk don't kill me I love you Bill."

More often, however, fans comment on Klum and Kaulitz age difference. For her part, Klum finds these comments insensitive and irrelevant, as she explained in a recent interview with In Style.


"Lately, I'm being reminded more about my age by people other than myself," she said "My boyfriend is many years younger than me, and lots of people are questioning that and asking about it. That's really the only time when age seems to be shoved in my face and I have to give an answer for it,"

"I don't really think about it that much otherwise. You have to just live a happy life without worrying too much about what people think because worrying is only going to give you more wrinkles," Klum said.